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Greenway Irrigation supports active first responders in our community and are thankful for all they do and for keeping us safe. To show our gratitude we would like to offer them FREE* irrigation check & adjustments ($74.99 value).

*Does not include repairs if needed.  Police and Fireman only.

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Irrigation Installation

Have your irrigation needs analyzed by Greenway Irrigation. We have the know-how to correct any deficiency in a sprinkler system or make important repairs to pipes or timers. We install lawn sprinkler systems too. Contact us today.


Don't allow standing water to damage your yard or your home. We offer help in the form of completely new drainage systems or sump pumps. Have your gutters checked as well. We'll also clean all downspouts, making sure they flow freely.

Drainage & More

About Us

Looking for a Jacksonville irrigation company to get the job done right for your lawn? Look no further than Greenway Irrigation! Here at Greenway Irrigation, we analyze, install and repair lawn sprinkler systems efficiently and at great prices. All of our work is backed by our guarantee and sure to leave you satisfied.

If you have an existing system that needs some fixing, we've got you covered. Whether it's a broken sprinkler head, broken pipe, malfunctioning timer, or something else, we have the tools and know-how to tackle any lawn sprinkler repair job! Maybe you're looking for a replacement or addition to your current system, or your first lawn irrigation system. We will expertly handle your lawn analysis and sprinkler system installation, custom suited to your lawn's needs!

Browse our site, or contact us via email or phone today to discuss your future lawn analysis, installation or repairs today!

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